Judge Declines to Apply Marital Property Rules in Same-Sex Divorce

In the last week, the New York Law Journal’s Andrew Keshner reported that a New York judge handling the dissolution of a same-sex couple’s Vermont civil union could not apply New York’s equitable distrubtion rules on marital property to assets acquired during the civisl union and prior to their marriage. Given the language of the current law, the judge believed that any ‘civil union’ property stayed titld in the name of the current title holder. Marital properly acquired after the 2006 civil union would therefore be reserved for trial.

The depth and uniqueness of this case spans multiple countries, states, years and unions. To read Keshner’s article in full, visit: http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/id=1202741076956/Judge-Declines-to-Apply-Marital-Property-Rules-to-Dissolved-Union