The Bright Side of a Prenup

The topic of prenuptial agreements (or prenups, for short) can be difficult for couples during their engagement. Not only are they already preoccupied with preparations for their wedding, they probably don’t want to think about the possibility of divorce before they’ve even said their vows. However, writing a prenup is not only prudent, but it can help a soon-to-be-married couple plan for the challenges they might face as they enter matrimony.

Prenuptial agreements are a kind of contract that couples who are engaged to be married can enter, which sets up contingencies on a variety of issues that might arise should they get divorced. The most obvious of these issues is how their marital property will be divided, but prenups can also handle issues of child custody and visitation rights (an issue if you already have children with your fiancée, or one or both of you are bringing children in from a previous marriage and no one else is involved in the child’s life), child support, maintenance (more commonly known as alimony), and any of the other problems that could arise in the event of a divorce. After all, around half of all marriages end in divorce, and it’s far easier to work out these issues when you’re still on relatively friendly terms, rather than fighting over them when you’re in the middle of a potentially hostile divorce.

However, rather than thinking about prenups as simply a plan for the possibility of a future divorce, it can be healthier to think of it as a way of planning how you intend to live as a married couple. One of the reasons divorces can be so bitter is because people get married without thinking about issues like how they’re going to raise their children, how they’re going to share (or not share) their property, what obligations they’re willing to take on, and so forth. Prenups can also help you plan for the possibility of one of the spouses dying; again, not something that’s easy to discuss, but it’s a case where it’s better to have a plan in place and not need it than to need a plan and not have it.

If you’re interested in creating a prenup for you and your fiancée, you should seek out an experienced matrimonial attorney to guide you through the process. The matrimonial attorneys at the Marnell Law Group have the knowledge and experience you need to create a prenuptial agreement for you and your fiancée. Give us a call at (516)-542-9000 or send us a message on our contact page, and we’ll work with you to design a prenup that fits your needs.